There were many companies established in Czech Republic after the „Velvet revolution“  of 1989, but not many of those are still in business today.

ERA COMPONENTS Ltd (ERA) was established in May 1991 as a private Czech company.  The company made use of the business contacts and experience of the pre-revolution Tesla company and its employees which had, for a long time, been engaged in the distribution of electronic components, industrial electronics and related electro-engineering (application, testing, technical consulting etc.)

Today’s ERA focuses on distribution of brand-name components which assure high quality and reliability certified by ISO9000, ISO140000 Standards.  In this field ERA COMPONENTS is the Distributor for STMicroelectronics in both Czech and Slovak republics.

Since October 1996 ERA has been representing English SYFER TECHNOLOGY Ltd. in Czech and Slovak republics.  It distributes  SYFER’s ceramic capacitors and EMI filters.  

In 2001 ERA became a distributor for the American company NOVACAP, producer of specific multilayer capacitors.

In 2005 ERA started to represent company RECTRON – outstanding producer of rectifiers, bridges and subsequent diodes.

ERA maintains contacts with a number of well known foreign producers and distributors and imports other components in addition to those mentioned above.

ERA COMPONENTS Ltd. obtained a quality certification ISO 9001:2000 and re-certification by ISO 9001:2015 in 2017.